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Eco friendly yoga mats now available at Live Sankalpa!!

Yoga has always been a part of my life. My Mum taught me sun salutations very early on, and I loved having a special practice with her. It felt very grown up to take part in an activity which required quiet focus.

It remains an important grounding part of my life. Along with meditation and the technique of visualization, I began to dream about putting my favorite shapes down on a yoga mat.

Thanks to Live Sankalpa, I have been able to make these a reality! 

So very excited to be a part of their artist and yogi community. Can't wait to receive my mat - pictures to follow 

Use this code for a discount!


Sankalpa one
sankalpa two

Kitty coles art prints at Dustmuffin, SILVERLAKE

I have some art prints, who now call Dustmuffin in Silverlake, home. Lucky prints.

I got cheesy with my donut print - proclaiming love to that special sugary doughy person in your life.

The succulent print keeps things current, local, a bit spiky and you can water it even less than actual succulents.

Stop by and enjoy this gem of a shop, whilst checking out my prints and a selection of hand painted cards


kitty coles cards at nuda juice shop

Very excited to be part of the artisan store at Nuda Juice and Wellness!

 Well worth stopping by to see the nicely curated products available, and grab a smoothie full of goodness

christmas trunk show 2015

Had a wonderful time setting up my table and selling to a lovely crowd at the Good Eye Gallery trunk show.

Looking forward to the next opportunity to sell some work!

Decorating decorations

Feeling rather festive while painting these glass tree ornaments for the Good Eye trunk show!

Christmas trunk show prep time

This December the 11th, I will be selling hand painted cards, decorations and art prints at the Good Eye Gallery in Eagle Rock. Started to make myself a runner for the display table today

Kitty coles designs at Good eye gallery

My Secret Garden prints will soon have a new home at the Good Eye Gallery in Eagle Rock, California.


You can now find Kitty Coles Designs art prints and original hand painted greeting cards on ETSY!


Painted some sweet little Wire Fox terriers on these gorgeous navy blue Baggu clutch bags.

Custom order

Kitty Coles Designs custom Baggu bags

Custom designed, laser cut and hand painted banisters

This was an exciting project for a newly built home in Austin, Texas.

The owners gave me free reign on the design, so I incorporated a few of their favorite things - paisleys and lots of colour. I worked with Studio Sketchup to plan each panel, and plot the design for laser cutting. Then came the painting! I gave each shape a glow of gold, which lifts some of the darker colours, and gives a nice sense of dimension.

Kitty coles Designs custom banisters

Handpainted art cards May 2015

Over the last few weeks, I have been working on some art cards. I wanted to make something that could serve not only as a greeting card, but a lasting piece of artwork. 

I like the freedom this brings. These images are only on these little cards - one offs!                                                                 They can be framed or pinned to a notice board after delivering their greeting

Really enjoyed setting up this still life environment to photograph them in too!

Kitty Coles Designs hand painted art cards
Kitty Coles Designs hand painted art cards
Kitty Coles Designs hand painted art cards

Kitty Coles Cards at wholefoods

You can now find Kitty Coles designs Mother's Day cards at your local Los Angeles Wholefoods! Courtesy of Tree Free recycled, and sustainably produced greeting cards. Get down there quick, and surprise your Mum with some bright blooms!

Kitty Coles Designs Mothers Day Card

Illustrations for children's book "Peerie Puffin" 

Earlier this year, I was excited to dream up some illustrations for Judith Leask's story about Peerie Puffin. Peerie returns home after the winter, to discover a certain Mr. Rabbit has been keeping his house warm for him!

The book is now available for sale - email for details

Kitty Coles Designs children book illustration
Kitty Coles Designs children's book illustration
Kitty Coles Designs children's book illustration
Kitty Coles Designs children's book illustration
Kitty Coles Designs children's book illustration

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